Please find information about the day to day running of our school.  If you have any questions, please ask!

Session Times

8.55 am – 12.15/12.30pm 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm The total teaching hours per week (excluding registration, breaks and assembly) for:

  • Foundation and Key Stage 1 children = 22 hours 30 minutes
  • Key Stage 2 children = 23 hours 45 minutes

We ask that no child should be on the premises before 8.45 am because the Blue Gates won’t be open and so they will be left unsupervised. Children are allowed to play on both playgrounds before school, but we ask that they don’t use the play equipment. Teachers will be on the play ground to talk to parents before school if necessary.  Please do not enter the school building to talk to the teachers. If you would like to come in, you are welcome to sign in at reception. Good relationships lie at the heart of successful education – between teacher, child and parent. For the child to make the most of the wealth of learning opportunities at school, it is vital that he/she is settled and feels happy in a caring environment which is an extension of home. It is equally important that parents get to know the staff and the school, to feel informed and involved and to have confidence and trust.

School Improvement Fund

The school fund is an essential source of money for many extra items to benefit the children. The current voluntary contribution is £53 each week per family.


School Meals and Packed Lunches Children may have a school dinner or bring their own packed lunch. Payment is made in advance on Monday for school meals for the whole week. Please ensure that packed lunches contribute to a healthy balanced diet.  All children who are  aged 7 or under in Key Stage 1 or EYFS are entitled to a free school meal.  We can also provide a free school meal for children who meet certain criteria.  Please call us to find out more or check our Pupil Premium page.

photo-website-2016-49Milk, Water, Fruit and Vegetables

As part of being a Healthy School and in line with Food Standard Guidelines, the only drinks we offer children in school at snack time are milk or water and the only food is fruit and vegetables.  School milk is administered through the Cool Milk at School Scheme and parents register their child/children if they wish them to receive milk.  Parents pay Cool Milk directly for children over five years and it is free to under fives.  Cool Milk contact parents directly.  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children have free fruit/vegetables under the Government’s School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme. This gives children the opportunity to eat fresh fruit or vegetables every day. Children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 can bring in a piece of fruit from home to eat at their break time if they would like to. The children have access to water all day and we provide water bottles for all the children. It is widely accepted that children do not drink enough water. The benefits of drinking  water on a regular basis are numerous and improve both health and mental ability.  St Peter’s have installed water coolers for the use of the pupils. The units filter the water to a very high quality and chill it, resulting in the water tasting good which encourages them to drink. Each child is supplied with their personal sports bottle which allows them to have a drink at any time during the day.


Regular attendance is encouraged as a foundation for learning. It is very important that all the children are in school at 08.55 a.m. for registration. Absences should be only for very good reasons. If your child is late for school they must register with the secretary on arrival and give a good reason for being late. If your child is absent from school please let the school know by a phone call on the first day, stating the reason, followed by a letter on return.

Holidays taken in school time are unfair to the child and to the class and are firmly discouraged as education may suffer.  Time off school for family holidays is not a right and can only be granted in exceptional circumstances as laid out in the DCSF Guidance to Schools. If you are thinking of taking such a holiday please discuss this in advance with the Headteacher. We acknowledge that many of our families come to St. Peter’s from abroad and that they frequently wish to return home to visit family and friends.  Whilst we cannot authorise such holidays, we ask that parents support us by completing an International Adventure project whilst they are away.  Through this project, we can hopefully ensure that children make the most of an exciting learning opportunity and in addition to this, they have something to bring back to us at St. Peter’s so that other children can learn and benefit from their experiences around the world.

Please speak to Miss McNamara for further information about this and for an International Adventure pack. photo - map


Drama/ music groups visit the school each year and the children enjoy visits to local theatres. The children also go out to give performances. St. Peter’s arranges many whole school educational visits and appropriate class visits each year. These are a strong feature of school life, combining pleasure and learning. There are occasions when parents are welcome and will be invited to take part in school visits.