Pupil Premium

‘Pupil Premium’ is a Government Grant awarded to the school, to help provide equal opportunities for children who may be considered to be at a disadvantage for a specific reason.  Some of these reasons may include:

  • Being in a military family
  • Being in receipt of Free School meals because of economic circumstances
  • Having been in care at some point since birth

How has Pupil Premium money been previously spent and what has been the impact? 

We have spent our Pupil Premium money on the following things:

  • One to one tuition
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Trips and visits
  • After school clubs

Accelerated Reader has shown that progress has been at least 9 months greater than expected in 5 out of 6 year groups who use this programme and at least in line with expected in the 6th.  We are delighted that this money has made such a big impact on our children’s reading abilities.

Further information is available on request, but will not be published here so as not to identify individual children.

What is St. Peter’s grant allocation for £2016/17?

This academic year, we will be receiving an additional £5860 into our budget in Pupil Premium funding.

What are the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school?

Our philosophy is to remove barriers faced by children so that they have access to equal educational opportunities.  Historically, some of our children who qualify for Pupil Premium funding would have been from families who perhaps found it hard to pay for after school clubs, tutoring, music lessons or residential visits.  Having said this, many Pupil Premium children qualify regardless of their economic background.

This year, St. Peter’s has a very low number of children who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding and in identifying barriers to their learning, we would be in danger of identifying specific individuals.  For further information about the needs of our pupils, please arrange to see Miss McNamara, who will be happy to share this information.

How will Pupil Premium money be spent at St. Peter’s this year?

This year, we continue to use our Pupil Premium money to fund Accelerated Reader.  We have found that children in every class have made excellent progress with this system.  In addition, we will be providing one to one and small group tutoring sessions for PP children AND children who are at risk of falling behind.  St. Peter’s will continue to fund music lessons, trips and after school clubs for our PP children.

How will you measure the impact of Pupil Premium

Every half term, we will assess the academic progress of all children.  We will use the results to draw up a target list for the children to accelerate their progress and close any gaps that may be occurring.  On our new ‘challenge days’, they will have a chance to meet with teachers on a one to one basis to discuss their learning and how they can improve.

When will this strategy be renewed?

We will renew our strategy at every Pupil Progress Meeting throughout the year.  We conduct these meetings 3-6 times a year.