Our Successes

At St. Peter’s School, we love to celebrate the success of all of our children, staff and families.  Whilst we recognise the importance of academic achievements, we firmly believe that it is the variety of achievements that a child makes that makes them successful. 

Star of the weekphoto-star of the week

On Friday, each teacher nominates a child from their class to be the Star of the Week.  This may be awarded for a fabulous piece of work, or for super behaviour but most of the time, it is a recognition that that individual child has done something over and above their normal everyday performance.  The Stars of the week are presented with a certificate at the Star of the Week assembly on Friday afternoon.

House Points

Children are awarded with house points for demonstrating our Gospel Values of faithfulness and integrity, dignity and compassion, humility and gentleness, truth and justice, forgiveness and mercy, purity and holiness, tolerance and peace and service and sacrifice.

Children are split into houses that are named after saints:

Red house – St. Bernadette of Lourdes

Yellow House – St. Teresa

Blue House – St. Pope John Paul II

Green House – St. Francis

At the end of the year, the house with the highest number of points is awarded with non-uniform day (and the glory of being the winners!)

Good to be green

photo-good to be green

In line with our behaviour policy, each class has a chart that gives children a visual reminder about their behaviour.  Children who demonstrate positive behaviour can be rewarded by moving up to a silver or gold card and the class with the highest percentage of gold cards at the end of the week, wins golden time!

Academic Results

Please click on the link at the bottom each page to access DfE Performance tables for St. Peter’s School.

Key Stage 2 Results 2018

St. Peter’s National St. Peter’s National
% of children that achieved the expected Standard and above % of children working at a greater depth (achieving a high level of attainment)
Grammar, spelling and punctuation (GPS) 100% 78% 69% 34%
Reading 100% 75% 63% 28%
Writing 94% 78% 38% 20%
Maths 94% 76% 44% 24%
Science 100% 82%
Reading, writing and maths 88% 64% 13% 10%
Reading, writing, maths and science 88%



Progress between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

To measure progress, we use a ‘Value Added’ system. To achieve expected progress, children will get a score of ‘0’.  A score greater than 0 shows better than expected progress.  A score less than 0 shows less than expected progress.

We are currently awaiting this data for 2018 (expected October 2018) but the data below shows the progress in 2017.

Reading +4.7 Writing +1.9 Maths +2.6


Average ‘Scale Scores’ for St. Peter’s School in the end of Key Stage 2 Assessments for 2018

Reading 111 GPS 113 Maths 109


You can view our performance against that of other local schools by clicking on the link below, or alternatively, clicking the ‘Department For Education’ logo at the bottom of every page.