About School

St. Peter’s school has a capacity of 105 children on roll and is split into 4 classes, however, over recent years, it has become increasingly popular and our numbers have risen.  This has meant that whilst we are back to 105 children on role, each year we must restructure our school so that children are in suitably sized classes that best meet their needs.


This year, St. Peter’s is split into 4 classes; each class has under 30 pupils.

Class 1photo-website-2016-51

Class 1 is taught by Miss Nouwens and is made up of all of our Reception children and all of our Year 1 children.  Miss Nouwens teaches both the EYFS curriculum and the Year 1 National Curriculum.  Miss. Nouwens is supported by Mrs Dillon.

Class 2

Class 2 is taught by Mrs Traynar.  In class 2, Mrs Traynar teaches all of Year 2 and half of Year 3.  Mrs Traynar is supported by Mrs Wijeratne and Mrs Reynolds.

Class 3

Class 3 is home to Miss Key and also to half of Year 3 and all of Year 4.  Class 2 are supported by Mrs. Wijeratne and Mrs. Reynolds.

Class 4

This year, Mr Rooney is the teacher in Class 4.  He teaches all of our Year 5 and Year 6 children.  Mr Rooney is supported by Mrs Wijeratne and Mrs Reynolds.photo-website-2016-41